Before you can enroll at RWTH Aachen for mechanical engineering or business administration and engineering, you must submit proof of completion of an at least six week pre-internship.

At the time of enrollment, we will only check to see if the pre-internship was completed. You do not get credit for it. You will get the certificate of completion back. You will get credit for the pre-internship during the first semester. To do so you must submit a report no later than March 31 to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Internship Office. You can also turn your report in to the mailbox next to the Internship Office.

Please use our guidelines and FAQ´s to format your report.

Does the pre-internship have to contain the entire basic internship?

No The pre-internship can be completed in all areas, even the technical internship. We recommend completing it in the field of the basic internship. The entire basic internship does not need to be covered in the six weeks though, e.g. 3 weeks basic internship 1, 2 weeks basic internship 2, and 1 week basic internship 3 would be sufficient. The remaining areas must be covered during studies.

By when do I need to complete the pre-internship?

If you were admitted to studies without a pre-internship or have only completed part of a pre-internship, you must finish the remaining weeks during your studies. There is not a deadline, for when you must have completed the internship. At least 20 internship weeks must be documented by the time you register your Bachelor thesis. We do not recommend postponing the remaining pre-internship weeks until this time. However you can plan it out as you want.

I don't have a pre-internship. Can I enroll anyways?

If you have not completed a pre-internship, then you should send an email to the Internship Office as soon as you receive your letter of admission. In the email you need to explain why you have not completed a pre-internship. You should also provide scanned documentation (such as rejections from five different companies, confirmation about stays abroad, etc.) and the letter of admission. The email should also contain your address, date of birth, and course of study for which you received admission. After your documents have been reviewed, you will receive both an email and a letter in the mail with a certificate that allows you to enroll without a pre-internship.