Application for a Master's Course of Study in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Admission Requirements Changed

  1. The admission requirements for the following mechanical engineering Master's programs will change as of winter semester 2017/2018: mechanical engineering, energy engineering, development and design, automotive engineering and transport, plastics and textile technology, aeronautical engineering and astronautics, production technology, process engineering.


New Admission Requirements and Self-Test for Mechanical Engineering Master Courses of Study

The following criteria must be fulfilled in order to be granted admission to Master's studies:



145 credit points, CP, from engineering, math, and natural science subjects not including an internship, practical or research work.

  Graphic illustrating new admission requirements


Applicants must have completed the same number of credit points and the necessary content in each required subject. Any negative difference will result in additional requirements for the respective subject.

Mathematics: 17 CP
Technical Drawing & CAD: 4 CP
Machine Elements: 9 CP
Mechanics: 18 CP
Control Engineering: 6 CP
Fluid Mechanics: 6 CP
Thermodynamics: 7 CP
Thermal and Material Transfer: 6 CP
Materials Science: 8 CP



Total additional requirements without practical/internships
Σ > 30 CP: Rejection
Σ < 30 CP: Admission with additional requirements



20-week internship in engineering: a negative difference will be made up with additional work


For legal reasons it is not possible to check your credit points before you apply. The following self-test is designed to help you assess your chances of being accepted.


Please note: Use Firefox or Internet Explorer to open the self-test document.


If you want to apply for a Master's course at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, please refer to the following web pages for further information:

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