Tsinghua (Double Degree)


Tsinghua University is one of the best universities in China and therefore benefits from public funding programs, which is reflected in its equipment and resources. The partner university has an attractive campus and sufficient housing possibilities for students. 


Application and Deadlines

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The application process is conducted by the International Office of RWTH Aachen University.

Please submit the complete application documents annually by December 1 to Mr. Peter Hartges in the International Office.


Frequently asked questions

What prerequisites do I have to fulfill for the program?

The program is primarily targeted towards Bachelor's students who have selected the production technology or transportation engineering fields of specialization and are planning to continue these studies in the corresponding Master's program, the automotive engineering and transport course of study with a specialization in street vehicle engineering.

In some cases, students in the energy engineering course of study and other programs can participate, even though students have to take courses at Tsinghua University that are not related to their course of study. Please pay attention to the program requirements!

Students should also complete their studies within the typical length of study (stay abroad begins in the second Master's semester). Industrial engineering students should note that the courses at Tsinghua are engineering-oriented.

The program lasts 12 months, from September to September. You should also take note of this while planning out your studies.

You can return from China earlier if you have successfully completed the necessary papers and exams.

What do I need to pay attention to when planning my studies?

Please note: Participating in the Tsinghua Double Degree program will extend the duration of your studies by at least one semester (=more work you have to complete for the double degree), and in some cases by two semesters depending on how you plan your studies.

Upon request, academic credit for Master's studies (automotive engineering and transport and production technology; energy engineering) can be completed at Tsinghua University in the following fields; make you pay attention to the current accreditation procedures of the exam boards:

  • Elective field
  • Mandatory specialization field

You will complete the modules in the overarching mandatory field at RWTH. Pay attention to these requirements when planning out your studies, for example if you take Master's modules during your Bachelor's studies, and when planning your exam periods.

What services does the program include?

  • English-language courses and exams at Tsinghua University in the subjects automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, thermal engineering, and industrial engineering, and acquistion of the corresponding Master's degree
  • Chinese course free of charge at Tsinghua University
  • Accommodations in the student dorms on the Tsinghua University campus
  • Comprehensive advising and support during preparation for and completion of the stay abroad both from the German and Chinese side

Aside from the standard funding possibilities, stays abroad can also be financially supported by the China Scholarship Council, CSC.

What academic credits do I need to complete at Tsinghua University?

You must complete a tottal of 27 (Tsinghua) credits during the double degree program. You can take some subjects at RWTH, but at least 18 credits must be at the partner university in China. This corresponds to about six to seven exams in two semesters. You must also complete a mini thesis at the host university.

Studies at Tsinghua University are broken down into three subsections. The credit points refer to the partner university's credit point system.

Chinese Culture Courses              6 Credits
General Technical Courses           6 Credits
Elective                                         6 Credits* (typically)

Cultural Courses:

Elementary Chinese                     2 Credits Tsinghua
Chinese Culture and Society        2 Credits Tsinghua
Academic Activities                       1 Credit   Tsinghua
Literature Review and Opening    1 Credit   Tsinghua
Report for the Small Thesis

General Technical Courses:

Manufacturing Technology I      3 Credits   Tsinghua/Aachen
Production Management I         3 Credits   Tsinghua/Aachen


If you have already completed these courses during your Bachelor's studies, you can talk to the academic advisors at the partner university about taking an alternative course from the elective component for six credits. Othertiwse these courses are mandatory for all participants!

Elective Courses:

Four different courses of study at Tsinghua University are open to RWTH students. Usually you earn six credits of electives. Please pay attention to your own studies when selecting an elective – you cannot take courses from other departments or count credit points from other departments towards the 18 credits points you have to earn at Tsinghua University; those must be acquired additionally.

Elective Field I) Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing Technology I                                                               3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua/Aachen
Machine Design Process                                                                   3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Tribology                                                                                            3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Welding Technology I: Welding and Cutting Technologies                3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua/Aachen
Computer-Aided Tissue Engineering (CATE)                                    2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Numerical Simulation of Manufacturing Processes                           2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Fundamentals of Finite Element Method for Engineers                    2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua/Aachen
Manufacturing Technology II                                                             3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua/Aachen
Advanced control of mechatronic systems                                        2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Introduction to Advanced Medical Device Design and Fabrication   2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Laser Application                                                                               2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Engineering Materials                                                                        3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua

Elective Field II) Industrial Engineering

Ergonomics and Work Organization        
(RWTH title: Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics)             3  Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua/Aachen
Introduction to Decision Making                                              3  Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Logistics and Supply Chain Management                               3  Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua/Aachen
Quality Engineering                                                                 3  Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Production Metrology                                                               3  Tsinghua-Credits  Aachen
Manufacturing Technology II                                                    3  Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua/Aachen
Industrial Logistics                                                                    3  Tsinghua-Credits  Aachen
Mechatronics and Control Techniques of Production Plants    3  Tsinghua-Credits  Aachen
Production Management II                                                       3  Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua/Aachen
Engineering and Technology Management                              3  Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Global Manufacturing Strategy                                                 3  Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Product Design and Development                                            3  Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Manufacturing in China                                                             3  Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
China study: industry, society & culture                                    3  Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Quantitative analysis                                                                3  Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua

Elective Field III) Automotive Engineering

Fundamentals of Automotive Crash Safety                            3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Fundamentals of Lightweight Design                                     3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Materials Selection in Mechanical Design                              2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Automotive Engineering I                                                       3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Alternative Vehicle Propulsion System                                   2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Vehicle Control Engineering                                                   3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Vehicle NVH                                                                           3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Automotive Engineering II                                                      3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Mechatronic Systems in Automotive Engineering                  3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Internal Combustion Engines I                                               3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Internal Combustion Engine II                                                3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua

Elective Field IV) Thermal Engineering*

Advanced combustion theory                                                            3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer                                                2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Principles of Coal Combustion Pollutant Formation and Control      2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Data Processing in Thermal Engineering                                         2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Flame and Gas Combustion                                                             2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Gas Turbine: Key Technologies and Application                              2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Radiative Heat Transfer in Participating Media (as of 2018)            2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Optimization of Energy Systems                                                      2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Utilization Technology of Renewable Energy                                   2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Energy strategy for sustainable development                                  2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Electrochemical Energy Conversation and Storage                        3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Combustion Chemistry                                                                    3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Combustion Physics I                                                                      2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Combustion Physics II                                                                     2    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Physics of Gases and Non-equilibrium Phenonena                        3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Experimental Techniques for Physics of Fluids                               3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua
Combustion Diagnostics                                                                 3    Tsinghua-Credits  Tsinghua

*These courses can only be taken at Tsinghua so far, so that other possible exams can be taken there.

What do I need to know if I am planning to only take the minimum number of credits in China?

Please note that if you only complete the minimum number of credit points at Tsinhgua University, 18 credits, you must complete an additional nine credits from the subject list above at RWTH Aachen, typically three exams.

This is usually not a problem if you are in one of the prototypical courses of study (automotive engineering and transport or production technology), since you will have likely completed some work in the Bachelor's course of study that can be counted towards your Master's.


  • Bachelor:        Industrial Engineering, Production Technology
  • Master:           Industrial Engineering, Production Technology

Mandatory in Bachelor's Studies   

Completed at RWTH                          Accepted at Tsinghua as             Credits (for Tsinghua)

Fertigungstechnik I                                Manufacturing Technology I                           3
Einführung in die Arbeitswissenschaft   Ergonomics and Work Organisation               3

Mandatory in Master's Studies

Completed at RWTH                         Accepted at Tsinghua as       Credits (for Tsinghua)

Produktionsmanagement I                      Production Management I                              3

In this course of study layout you have already completed the required difference, nine credits. If you did not complete the credits at RWTH, then this does not apply. In this case, Tsinghua gives credit for the following modules:

Completed at RWTH                            Accepted at Tsinghua as       Credits (for Tsinghua)

Qualitätsmanagement                             Quality Engineering                                      3
Fertigungstechnik II                                 Manufacturing Technology II                         3
Industrielle Logistik                                  Industrial Logistics                                        3
Produktionsmanagement II                      Production Management II                            3
Mechatronik und Steuerungstechnik       Mechatronics and Control of                         3
für Produktionsanlagen                           Production Plants

If you take some of these subjects in China, note that you must complete additional necessary exams either at the partner university or RWTH. This particularly applies to those students, whose specializations are not production technology or automotive technology! Also note that the credits you earned during your Bachelor's students limit your elective possibilities in China.

It is your responsibility to take the modules at the partner university and RWTH Aachen required for the double degree program.

If you do not take any of the subjects in Aachen, you must complete more than the minimum number of credit points in Beijing, that is 27 instead of 18 credit points.