Transfer of Grades and CP


What do I have to do to get my grades accredited at RWTH Aachen University?

After the end of your semester abroad, you will receive an overview of your grades from your host university – the Transcript of Records. To allow your grades to be transferred to the Central Examination Office, please come to the Exchange Office during office hours and bring your Transcript of Records (in the original!). As soon as we have the original Transcript of Records as well as the completed last page of the study plan change form, we will initiate the accreditation procedure – a corresponding letter will be send to both you and the Central Examination Office. You do not have to take care of the grade transfer yourself anymore!

Can I retroactively change courses completed abroad which are already approved in a change of curriculum?

No. In general the following applies: All subjects, whose accreditation the Examination Board approved in the form you applied for (e.g. as a compulsory subject) and which are noted on your transcript of records by your host university, will be accredited. In retrospect, you are not allowed to declare a compulsory subject to an additional subject. Nor can once approved and successfully completed exams from abroad afterwards be deleted from your change of curriculum.

Please also note the regulations concerning external credits in the Master program! You cannot, in retrospect, decrease the number of credits of Master courses completed abroad, in order to not exceed the limit of 15 external credit points for still being permitted to write an external Master Thesis.

What happens if I do not participate in courses abroad after all or if I do not pass?

If you do not participate in a course (e.g. because it is cancelled due to a professor’s illness) contrary to your application for a change of curriculum, or if you do not pass the exam, the part concerning this course is deleted from your change of curriculum. You will neither be registered mandatorily for the original course at RWTH Aachen University which was supposed to be replaced, nor will the failed exam be taken into account as a failed attempt in terms of the local Examination Regulation.

Can I get study performances accredited afterwards?

An application for subsequent recognition is only possible for externally completed compulsory modules and elective modules that have a sufficiently similar module in your current course of study at RWTH. Elective modules that are not offered at RWTH Aachen University in your current course of study cannot be recognised retrospectively. If you are currently in the Bachelor's programme and wish to have externally completed modules for a Master's programme recognised after passing the corresponding examinations, the subsequent recognition process should only begin once you have enrolled in the corresponding Master's programme.

Only externally stored modules can be reassigned to additional modules that were previously applied for with a curriculum change, e.g. as compulsory or elective modules.

But we strongly recommend using the preceding procedure for a change of curriculum also for compulsory subjects. The reason: If you take examinations without prior approval, you can apply for accreditation after your return, but this is much laborious and the verification of equivalence of content and extent is much stricter than for the integration in advance. Therefore please consider the accreditation in retrospect only as sheet anchor than as a first option.

How are the grades recalculated of the courses I took abroad?

You can refer to the table for grade recalculation on the International Office website for a detailed recalculation of external exam results.