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The Career Center has taken it upon itself to prepare you for the job market and to actively support you with your first steps in the professional world.

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Anja Robert

Career Center Coordinator, Career and Application Advising, Contact for Companies and Collaborations


+49 241 80 99122



Seminars & Career Training

The Career Center will help you start your career by providing opportunities to strengthen your professionalism and exercise your individual career skills.

Every semester we put together a comprehensive program of seminars and career training opportunities that help you to master your first steps in the professional world.

"Working at..."

Every week in our series "Working at...", a company introduces itself that is interested in RWTH Aachen graduates. Get to know various possible employers and establish initial contact with them.

Job Banks & Bulletin Boards

Our job bank consists of offers from companies, that are specifically looking for RWTH graduates or students. The positions and other job announcements can also be found on our bulletin boards.

If you need to apply all of a sudden, look at our application tips. Here we provide you with initial necessary information.

Personal Advising on Application Processes and Application Portfolio Checks

The RWTH Aachen Career Center Team offers all students a service for having their application portfolios looked over. We take a close look at your application materials and give you advice on potential changes you should make. We also provide help with developing your own application strategy. Please set up an appointment by us.

If you need an application portfolio check for materials in English, we can gladly provide you with contact information for external services, with whom we have successfully worked for many years. Native English speakers will look at your application portfolios and make suggestions for possible changes. This service is free of charge. You should likewise send your materials to the Career Center via .

Career Center Learning Spaces

In our virtual learning space, you can find an action folder for your application process with lots of useful information. Many of the tips in the folder can be downloaded. This folder can be found in the "community area" of the wiki-pages.

All interested students can log in via CAMPUS Office with their student ID number and password. Under "search" for the current semester, enter the course code 14ws-43889 or the key word "Handlungsleitfaden Bewerbungsprozess" and register for the course, in order to gain access to the learning space.

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