Associate Professors

Professor Institute Module
Gloy, Yves-Simon
PD Dr.-Ing.
Institute of Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University and Chair for Textile Machinery Digitisation and Automation in Textile Technology
Heider, Yousef PD Dr.-Ing. IAM - Institute of General Mechanics Reliable Simulation in the Mechanics of Materials and Structures
Müller, Michael
PD Dr. rer. nat.
E.ON EBC - Selected Institute for Materials in Energy Systems High Temperature Chemistry in Energy Conversion Systems
Savelsberg, Eva PD Dr.-Ing. IMA & IfU Cybernetics Lab - Institute of Information Management in Mechanical Engineering & Associated Institute for Management Cybernetics e.V. Systemic Innovation Management in international Freight Transportation
Dobrin D.
PD Dr.-Ing.
Combustion and Gasification of Pulverized Fuel in a Mixture of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
Verweyen, Norbert
PD Dr.-Ing.
WSA - Chair of Heat and Masstransfer Fundamentals of Coal Combustion