Process Steps

  Process for Honorary Doctorate illustrated in a graphic  

First, the applicant submits a request by e-mail to the dean's office and sends the candidate's curriculum vitae as well as a list of publications.

The Dean then discusses informally with the Rector the intention of awarding an honorary doctorate. If the Rector supports the award in principle, the dean's office asks the applicant for an official letter of application and sends all documents to Section 1.1. In addition, the dean's office asks the applicant for a proposal for two external reviewers and five professorial commission members.

This is followed by an informal discussion at the rector's office. As soon as the agreement of the rectorate has been obtained, the official procedure in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering begins.

The faculty appoints an ad hoc commission to assess the candidate's scientific achievements. Subsequently, two additional external expert opinions are obtained.

The Faculty Council decides whether an honorary doctorate should be awarded on the basis of the commission report and the external reports. If this is the case, the Dean writes a laudatory speech and a text for the certificate.

All documents will be sent to the Dept. 1.1 and presented to the Council of Elders of the RWTH. If the Council of Elders agrees to the decision of the Faculty Council, the Senate deals with the final resolution in its next but one session.

If all resolutions turned out positively, the center with support of the dean's office organizes a ceremonial handover of the document.