PEM - Chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Achim Kampker MBA

Field of Study

All subjects of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering as well as all corresponding fields of industrial engineering

Main Focus

Electric vehicle production; battery production, electric drivetrain, automotive assembly, body shop and plastic components

Research Focus

The Chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components represents path-breaking research and innovation in the arena of electromobility. In five research groups we develop and enhance the production processes of electric vehicles and the respective components. We drive innovation and technological expertise through applied research: in several interdisciplinary research projects as well as through our industrial cooperations. Our “Zentrum für Elektromobilproduktion” enables us to carry out even more hands-on research on the production processes of electric vehicles.

The chair consists of five groups:

The group Battery Production of Prof. Achim Kampkers chair has been leading in different industrial topics of lithium-ion battery production for many years, especially for automotive applications. We offer extensive expertise in the fields of Li-Ion battery cell and pack by a high number of international industrial projects in companies along the value chain and main positions in considerable research projects.

The main topic of the group Electric Powertrain is the realization of an economic interpretation, production and integration of the electric powertrain and its components. For this reason, the group examines besides the design of the product "powertrain" – from engine to integrated wiring system – also the design of the production. Particularly the aspect of scalability of product and production are main topics, which are researched at the available machinery and components under consideration of realistic conditions. Our aim is to reduce the duration and costs for the production, even for small series.

The main topic of the group Automotive Assembly is the examination of changes in automotive assembly process caused by the electrification of the power train. This includes the whole product life cycle of new assembly processes, but the focus is on the design of mounting structure and process. Besides specific challenges in electrification, the diversity of options in assembly is increasing. This necessitates innovative assembly concepts, especially for realization of new vehicle structures. The group Automotive Assembly wants to make its contribution to create new approaches which lead to practicable solutions in this dynamic environment. The aim is to increase the efficiency in automotive production in the environment of rising variance and meaning of ecological factor.

The Group Body Shop of the PEM deals with the innovative manufacturing and joining processes for automotive bodies. The whole process from cutting, bending and joining of the metal sheet up to the vehicles inspection allows both, a view of all added value steps as a whole and also in detail. In the sector of electric vehicles, there are high expected demands on the body, especially in lightweight construction and crash safety, with high variance and small quantities.

The group Plastic Components deals with cutting, forming and building manufacturing methods as well as with coating technology. Focus of research are the plastic components for small series such as the production of electric vehicles. As a part of our research and consulting activities such as the tool and mould construction or the construction of prototypes, we have access to machinery consisting of portal milling machine, thermoforming system, PUR-RIM system and 3D-printer.


PEM - Chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components
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