Borchers Badge


The Borchers Badge is awarded to RWTH Aachen doctoral candidates, who pass their doctoral examinations "With Distinction". The Borchers Badge is awarded in the form of a Badge of Honour.


Prize winners

Boschung, Jonas Peter Maria Dr.-Ing.
Brambring, Felix Dr.-Ing.
Brandl, Christophe rDr. -Ing.
Costantini, Marco Dr. -Ing
Dahmen, Manuel Dr. -Ing
de Palmenaer, Andreas Dr.-Ing.
Gröning,Stefan Dr.-Ing.
Linke, Thomas Frederik Dr.-Ing.
Petz, Andreas Dr.-Ing.
Wandrey, Georg Benjamin Dr.-Ing.
Weitenberg, Johannes Dr.-rer.nat.
Wortberg, Gisa Dr.-Ing.
Zeller Violett, Dr.-Ing.