Kármán Prize


Kármán-Prize for Christine Blesinger

Christine Blesinger was awarded the Kármán Prize during the celebration of the Friedrich Wilhelm Prizes 2012 Awarding.


This prize is given to "enrolled and former RWTH Aachen students no later than two years after their studies for outstand services at RWTH Aachen". Blesinger, born 1986, studied mechanical engineering in a Diplom course of study from 2005 to 2011 and now works at the RWTH Aachen Chair of Technical Thermodynamics.

During her studies, she was first involved in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, in the faculty council, in the budget and structure committee, in the committee for the use of student fees, and in different appointment commitees. She was also a student member in the RWTH Aachen Senate and was speaker for the Students' Group. In the nationwide competition "Excellence of Teaching", she contributed a great deal to the proposal and presented part of it to the jury in Berlin. Since then she assumed many offices and functions, such as the Financial Advisor in AStA. Professor Dr.rer.nat. Dr.h.c. Wolfgang Thomas, Chair of the RWTH Aachen Senate till July 2012, honored Blesinger's involvement in his laudatory speech.