Gender Equality


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University feels obliged to claim and support the equal and joint work of women and men in research, teaching, provision of services and studying.



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The Equal Opportunities Office of RWTH Aachen University offers confidential advice in cases of discrimination.

In 2010, the “Gender Working Group (AG)“ of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was awarded the internal “Brigitte-Gilles-Award” for its work. Goal of the working group is to motivate young women in following and furthering their engineering studies as well as their professional goals with self confidence through diverse measures.

There are several measures of gender equality at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. There should be an emphasis on measures for supporting chairs and institutes during parental leave of their staff through the Faculty, the support of nurseries through individual cost units of the Faculty as well as universally flexible and individually arranged working hours orientated towards necessities of the employees, occupational reintegration and substitution regulations.

Furthermore, measures for integrating equality into the monetary and structural control system of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was implemented as well as a model for financial support of women in career support programs were realized.