Current information on the cancellation of exams due to COVID-19 (WS 2021/22)


Current information on the cancellation of exams due to COVID-19 (WS 2021/22)


Due to the current developments, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has decided to offer all examinations of the winter semester 2020/21 in an online format, if possible.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Start of the Semester

Can I enroll in a Master's program in the summer semester of 2021 if my Bachelor's degree is not received until May due to delayed exams?

The supplementary regulations to the Comprehensive Examination Regulations provide that in cases of  hardship, enrollment in the Master's programs is possible until June 15th. Corresponding applications are to be sent directly to the Registrar's Office.




Does the extended deadline for examination deregistrations still apply?

Yes. You can cancel your registration via RWtHonline up to 24 hours before the exam.

Are there oral exams in cases of hardship?

You have the option of submitting a hardship application to the Examination Board and requesting an alternate examination. 



How do I get the signatures on my record sheet („Erfassungsbogen”)?

Both the Examination Committee and the Central Examination Office accept digital signatures/signatures on the record sheet.


Applications, Counseling

Will the processing of applications take longer?

Yes. The dean's office works with an emergency staff on site, all other employees work in the home office. Due to the high volume of applications, the processing time of all applications may therefore be delayed at present. We ask for your understanding.

I cannot hand in the original of my application. Can I currently send it via e-mail?

Applications can be submitted via e-mail, sent to the faculty by mail, or dropped in the "red mailbox" (Eilfschornsteinstraße 18, 52062 Aachen, first floor). The original document should not be submitted additionally if the application as already been sent to the examination board vie e-mail. Digitally submitted applications must be signed or digitally signed.

All results regarding the applications will be communicated to the applicants after the decision of the respective examination board. For this purpose, a decision letter will be sent via e-mail.

Can I personally reach the counseling facilities of the faculty (study and study abroad counseling, mentoring, psychological counseling, internship office, doctoral studies office)?

However, all consulting facilities can be reached by telephone or by mail.


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