Current information on the cancellation of exams due to COVID-19


Current information on the cancellation of exams due to COVID-19


Due to the current developments, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has decided to cancel all examinations (written, oral and doctoral examinations) until 19th April, 2020. Our chairs have been informed accordingly. All exams (including hardship cases) will be postponed to a later date, i.e. after 19th April, 2020. We will gladly find creative solutions for hardship cases as soon as the situation has improved, but not before 19th April, 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Start of the Semester

What does the fact that the start of the summer semester 2020 has been postponed mean for the lecture schedule?

The start of the "digital" lectures is still 6th April, 2020, only the attendance has been postponed to 20th April, 2020. All chairs are required to make digital teaching and learning formats available from 6th April, 2020, so that students can start their semester at that time. The lecture period of the summer semester 2020 will still end as planned on 17th July, 2020.




Should I remain registered for the exam in RWTHonline?

If you still intend to take the exam, please do not deregister. The exams which had to be canceled will be rescheduled and presumably take place in the coming semester.

Does the extended deadline for examination deregistrations still apply?

Yes. Until further notice, you can deregister until the date of the exam without giving reasons by sending an e-mail to the Central Examination Office.

When are the new dates of the exams that had to be rescheduled?

It is expected that the exams - in any case after 19th April, 2020 - will be rescheduled or converted according to the following scheme: Written examinations with a maximum of 10 candidates can be converted into oral examinations in agreement with the respective chair. In this case, the chair organizes the examination dates independently. Written examinations with a number of candidates between 11 and 100 will be scheduled parallel to the lecture period (i.e. Mon - Fri between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm). Examinations with more than 100 candidates will be scheduled on weekdays in the evening hours after 6 pm, on Saturdays or during the excursion week.

Do I have to submit an application to participate in the postponed exam?

No, please just do not deregister from the exam.

I would like to register for the exam dates that were rescheduled. Is this possible?

As soon as the new exam dates are fixed, students will be given the opportunity to register for the exam again via RWTHonline.

Are there oral examinations in cases of hardship?

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has decided to cancel all examinations (i.e. written and oral examinations) until 19th April, 2020. These exams, even for hardship cases, will be postponed to a later date, i.e. after 19th April, 2020.



Will the deadline for my thesis be extended?

The deadline for the submission of project, Bachelor's and Master's theses that fall within the period from now until 19th April or cover this period is extended by one month. This does not affect the minimum processing time. The extension is conducted by the Central Examination Office without students having to submit a request to the Central Examination Office or the examination board. All extensions that exceed this must, as before, be requested via an application to the examination board.

How do I get the signatures on my record sheet („Erfassungsbogen”)?

For some documents, e.g. the record sheet, an original or an original signature of the students is necessary. As original documents are currently difficult to present, the Central Examination Office is generous with scanned and photographed applications etc. However, RWTH Aachen University reserves the right to request the submission of the original documents in due time. On its website, the Central Examination Office also provides information on such topics.

Will the colloquium of my thesis also be postponed?

Yes, colloquia on final theses are also to be postponed to a later date, i.e. after 19th April, 2020.


Standard Period of Study

Do I exceed the standard period of study if the exam date is postponed to the summer semester 2020?

Students should not suffer any disadvantages. The examinations, which are postponed to the summer semester 2020, will be assigned to the winter semester 2019/2020 by the Central Examination Office.


Applications, Counseling

Will the processing of applications take longer?

Yes. The dean's office works with an emergency staff on site, all other employees work in the home office. Our student assistants are not working for the time being. Therefore, the processing of all applications that are no time-critical hardship cases will be delayed. We ask for your understanding.

I cannot hand in the original of my application. Can I currently send it via e-mail?

If possible, please continue to send us your original applications by post. Should this not be possible, the examination boards will also accept scans of signed applications.

Can I personally reach the counseling facilities of the faculty (study and study abroad counseling, mentoring, psychological counseling, internship office, doctoral studies office)?

For the time being, no personal counseling can be offered due to the current situation. The reception in Eilfschornsteinstr. 18 also remains completely closed.


Viewing of Examination Scripts

How will examination script viewing sessions be organized now?

Examination script viewing sessions should not be conducted for the time being; individual chairs may offer online examination script viewings. Please check with the respective chairs (preferably via Moodle).



International Affairs

I am an exchange student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and will not be able to attain the number of credit points required by my home university. What possibilities are there for me?

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has decided to cancel all examinations (i.e. written and oral examinations) until 19th April, 2020. The faculty's international student counseling service can confirm to your home university that you will not be able to take the exams in question through no fault of your own. Please contact for this purpose.

For the academic year 2020/21, I have been awarded a place in an exchange program of the faculty / International Office. Can I start my stay abroad as planned?

We optimistically consider the best case scenario and carry out all necessary steps (nomination at the partner university etc.) as usual. You should therefore be able to complete your semester abroad as planned, provided that the situation regarding COVID-19 has calmed down by then.