Curriculum Changes


The process of changing the curriculum includes all procedures that result in you receiving a curriculum that deviates from the standard curriculum.

This applies in particular to

Stays abroad during which alternative courses are offered.
Taking modules in the elective area outside the elective catalog in order to obtain an individual study profile.
Free conditional modules

Note: Note: In order to enable faster processing of applications for curriculum changes, we ask students of Mechanical Engineering to submit separate applications for engineering and economics modules.

Note: Before submitting an application for a curriculum change for the Master's degree program in General Mechanical Engineering, please make sure that you also meet the formal requirements listed in the FAQ.

Brief Overview of a Curriculum Change

  1. Submission of a request in the request database
  2. Collecting all necessary signatures
  3. Submission of the complete request to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  4. Formal review (time scope) by the Faculty
  5. Review of content by respective lecturers
  6. Return of the application to the student(s) and transmission of a copy to the Central Examination Office
  7. Central Examination Office inserts the relevant modules into the study plan
  8. Registration of the relevant examinations in RWTHonline by the student(s)

Typical processing duration by the examination boards: 2 to 4 weeks

Note: You must submit the request before taking exams! Please submit the application to the Examination Board at least two weeks before the end of the modular examination registration period to ensure timely processing. When recognizing academic achievements that have been completed via an application for a change in the study plan, the most recently applied for status per module is always taken into account. Modules in which a performance has already been taken can no longer be removed from the study plan or replaced.

Detailed Description

Requests are submitted via the form Request for internal Curriculum Change

The signed form is submitted to the respective examination board with all of the required signatures:

  • Signature of the occupational field advisor/Master's supervisor
  • (For students in the business administration and engineering course of study with a specialization in mechanical engineering: The approval of the specialization supervisors and subject lecturers for the recognition or integration of economics modules is obtained exclusively by the examination board. Prior contact with the lecturers of Faculty 8 is not necessary).

Note: Your request cannot be processed if signatures or documentation are missing.

Applications can be submitted via e-mail, sent to the faculty by mail, or dropped in the "red mailbox" (Eilfschornsteinstraße 18, 52062 Aachen, first floor). The original document should not be submitted additionally if the application as already been sent to the examination board vie e-mail. Digitally submitted applications must be signed or digitally signed.

All results regarding the applications will be communicated to the applicants after the decision of the respective examination board. For this purpose, a decision letter will be sent via e-mail.

The occupational field advisor/Master's supervisor reviews

  • whether a sufficiently similar module to the requested external module exists in the student's curriculum.
  • If this is the case, the student has the lecturer of the RWTH module sign the process slip.
  • If there is no module in the curriculum that is sufficiently similar, the occupational field advisor/Master's supervisor reviews, whether the external module can nevertheless be integrated into the curriculum.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering reviews the formal equivalence of the time commitment of the academic work completed outside of the curriculum.

The review of business and economics modules is carried out bythe mentor of the respective business and economics specialization.

The respective examination board then reviews the request a final time. After your request has been processed, you will receive the processed form in the mail at the address provided.

After you complete the external modules, please submit the original copy of your transcript of records and the final page of the curriculum change filled out to the examination board. The examination board will issue a notice of accreditation and inform the ZPA of the accreditation.