Registration for and participation in the program


General information

Registration for the program takes place at the beginning of the winter semester through RWTHonline.

The first step is the registration for one of the so called interest groups. The interest groups are based on the different degree programs resp. fields of specialization. Purpose of this preselection is the formation of groups which more or less share the same interests. In case you are still uncertain which field of specialization you might want to choose in the future, this is unproblematic: simply choose the option “no particular field of specialization” or the one of which you think might fit best.

Don’t worry: The choice of a group of interest does not influence your future curriculum, but concerns only the formation of tutoring groups in which the participants share similar interests.

After this preselection the tutoring groups are formed and, if possible, assigned to those professors who mainly focus on these fields of specialization.

The allocation to different interest groups and the size of individual tutoring groups depend on the number of registrations. Please understand that it is not possible to assign the desired group in all cases.


Registration process

  • First semester students register in RWTHonline for an interest group
  • The organization team
    • processes the registrations and determines the group sizes based on the number of registrations
    • allocates all registered students to individual professors
    • for this, all students will be registered for a course “Tutoring Group Professor XY”
  • Subsequently, the professors have access to the email distribution lists of their tutoring groups and send out invitations for the first tutoring group meeting
  • … and then: off we go!