Accreditation of the Internship


Submission of reports

For accreditation of the internship registration with the Virtual Internship Office is obligatory. After successful registration the application form for accreditation of the internship can be filled out there and must be printed out. It should be put into a folder (plastic or paperboard) together with

  • the Internship confirmation in the original (no copy!) and
  • the report in the original, signed and stamped by the instructor (at least on the last page)

and then be submitted. Please do not use binders, clear pockets (not even for the confirmation) and also no envelopes.

In case you have completed internships in several companies, you can put your reports into one single folder, but you should fill out one application form per section (per company).

Subsequently, you put the complete folder into the mailbox at the Internship Office.

The report must be submitted at the latest six months after the end of the internship. First semester students have to submit their pre-study internship report until the end of their first semester (March 31st).

As a basic principle, reports must be put into the mailbox at the Internship Office. Please do not mail the report by regular mail.

In urgent cases (registration of Bachelor’s Thesis) you may ask for priority handling on the form (by ticking the respective box). Usually, the report will then be processed within two weeks. In this case, please also submit all former internship confirmations (of all completed internships up to this date) so that the internship form, which confirms that the presentation was held, can be issued.

You will receive an automatically generated email as soon as you report has been processed and may be picked up. Furthermore, you can follow the processing status of your report in the Virtual Internship Office.


Important for Business Administration Reports by Industrial Engineers

From now on the BWL report must be handed in personally to the compulsory internship representatives of the industrial engineers.

The internal forwarding can only be carried out by in-house mail and therefore takes longer, so that the two weeks rule for urgent reports can no longer be observed.

An application in the Virtual Internship Office must nevertheless be made and later submitted to us with the letter of recognition from the Business Engineers.

If a technical and economic internship has taken place in a company, the report can be submitted in a folder. This should first be submitted to the internship office of the Business Engineers and then to us.