Presentation on the Internship


When your entire internship (Bachelor: 20 weeks) has been accredited, you will have to give a presentation on your internship in front of a university professor of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. In the program Business Administration and Engineering in the field of Mechanical Engineering it is also possible to give the presentation in front of a professor of the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Students agree upon a date for the presentation with the professor in question themselves. Also shape and form of the presentation must be agreed upon with the professor. The form of the presentation could be anything from a personal conversation with the professor to a power point presentation in front of a larger audience.


The Presentation should take the following Course

  1. Upon submission of your last internship report you also hand in all former internship confirmation and tick the respective boxes on the form for accreditation in the Virtual Internship Office.
  2. You can follow the current processing status of your report in the Virtual Internship Office. Furthermore you will receive an automatically generated email as soon as your report has been processed. Upon collecting your report you will receive your internship sheet. On the internship sheet the internship presentation will be confirmed.
  3. Afterwards you come back to the Internship Office and receive your last signature on the internship sheet.