Confirmation of Compulsory Internship, other Confirmations



Please note that you can access the Virtual Internship Office only via the RWTH network. Please access the page via eduroam or a VPN connection.


Many companies require a certificate stating that the internship to be completed is a compulsory internship. Such a confirmation can be applied for via the virtual internship office. Please note that all details are required. If you have not yet completed an internship or been recognized, enter a "0" in the "Already approved internship weeks" field. The confirmation will then be sent by post to the address you specify.

Please also note that this confirmation is not intended for your application documents. You can enclose an oath of representation with your application. This should include the sentence "I declare on oath that I still have ... weeks of internship to complete", as well as your full name and date of birth.

Forms of any kind that are issued by the internship company and require the signature of the internship office will not be signed. For this purpose, we will provide you with an information sheet (in german) which you can forward to the internship company.


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