Organizing the Internship


Internship Steps

  1. 1
    Find a suitable company
  2. 2
    Complete the number of weeks necessary
  3. 3
    Write internship report
  4. 4
    Submit report
  5. 5
    Pick up report


1. Find a Suitable Company


  • Is it an industrial production company?
  • Is it accredited as a training company by the appropriate chamber?

Note: The IHK website has a list of apprenticeship positions available.


2. Complete the Number of Weeks Necessary

Pay attention to the guidelines: a total of 20 internship weeks, 6 weeks before studies

Complete Basic Internship with Minimum Duration

Minimum Maximum
GP1 Exciting production processes 2 4
GP2 Transformative processes 1 2
GP3 Thermal bonding and separation techniques 1 2
GP4 Prototype processes 1



Technical Internship Part A

Complete one week in at least two sections

Minimum Maximum
FP1 Heat Treatment 1 3
FP2 Tool and Fixture Construction 1 3
FP3 Maintenance, Servicing, Repair 1 3
FP4 Measuring, Testing, Quality Control 1 3
FP5 Surface Engineering 1 3
FP6 Assembly 1 3

Technical Internship Part B

You are not required but are strongly recommended to complete Technical Internship Part B.

FP7 Development, Design, Planning Operation
FP8 Project internship specific to studies or specialization
(requires written approval from the Internship Office)

Technical Internship Part B – FP7 and FP8 – a maximum of 8 weeks.

You can arrange the remaining weeks using the sections outlined in the guidelines.

Project Internship (FP8)

Send an email to:

Please include the specialization/field, company, and what areas you will be interning in.

Internship Abroad

An internship abroad must also be completed in an industrial production company.


3. The Internship Report

must contain the following:

  • Application from the virtual internship office should be the cover page.
  • Original certificate from the company, including information about what areas you worked in, how long, and whether you missed any days, including for vacation
  • Table of contents
  • Text: 2 pages per week and area, no daily reports
  • Original signature from the company

4. Submit Report


No later than 6 months after completion of the internship
Pre-internship: end of the first semester at the latest, that is March 31


Internship Office mailbox, ground floor, Sammelbau Maschinenwesen, Eilfschornsteinstraße 18.


5. Pick Up Report

  • Please wait until you have received an email from the Internship Office.
  • Pay attention to the bottom of the email, where we may ask you for additional documents.
  • Pick up the report as soon as possible from the Internship Office.

Note: Hold on to your reports and certificates and keep them in a safe place.