Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


FAQ - Before Your Doctoral Studies

Do I have to be enrolled in order to pursue my doctoral studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering?


I want to enroll for doctoral studies. Whom do I contact?

You must submit an application for assessment of eligibility for a doctoral program to the Faculty in order to enroll in doctoral studies. Once you have received confirmation from our Faculty, you can take this to the Registrar's Office and enroll.

A supervision agreement is needed to submit the application for assessment of admission eligibility. I don't receive the agreement until after the training period. Is an inofficial confirmation sufficient, so that I can be allowed to enroll?

No, you need the supervision agreement. This means that you cannot enroll until, at the latest, after two years, which reflect the training period.

I want to re-enroll in doctoral studies, but I have already completed more than twelve semesters. What do I need to do?

You will need a letter by your supervising professor, in which the reasons for your surpassing the twelve semester mark are given and in which your re-enrollment is being endorsed. This letter must then be sent to our faculty's dean. If our faculty deems the reasoning sufficient, a letter for the Registrar's Office will be drawn up by our Office for Doctoral Studies and, after the dean has signed it, it will be sent there. Your supervising professor will also receive a copy of this letter.

What is the first thing I need to do in order to pursue doctoral studies here?

You need to find a professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering to be your supervisor.

How do I find a professor who will supervise me?

Please directly contact the respective professors. You can find an overview of all professors on our Faculty's homepage.

Do I need to present a German language certificate?

That isn't necessary, but you should discuss details with your supervisor.


FAQ - During Your Doctoral Studies

What transcripts and documents are needed to assess my eligibility for admission to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering?

You need the Diplom certificate and transcript or the Master's certificate and transcript along with the Bachelor's certificate and transcript. The documents must be officially notarized.

Can I bring original documents as well as copies for the Office for Doctoral Studies to notarize?

No, unfortunately this isn't possible.

I have a non-engineering background but want to pursue a Dr.-Ing. degree nevertheless. What do I need to consider?

In this case, you will need a special evaluation pursuant to Section 8 (8) of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering doctoral degree regulations. Furthermore, you must acknowledge the specific requirements for admission pertaining to “non-engineers,” which can be found on our faculty website, by signing and submitting them.

I am an engineer and want to pursue a Dr. rer. nat. degree. What do I need to be aware of?

In this case, you will also need a special evalutaion pursuant to Section 8 (8) of the faculty's doctoral degree regulations.

The seminars that must be taken to fulfill the given requirements must be proposed by my supervisor as part of the mentorship agreement. Are there any guidelines to follow?

Yes, the course requirements to be fulfilled must amount to at least eight credits, or 8 SWS, and have to be chosen from among the list of examination subjects found on the faculty home page. One subject must be from the group of fundamental subjects, while the other subject, or subjects, may be chosen from either fundamental subjects or technical subjects.

How can I register for the exams I still have to take?

Take the letter you received from our faculty to the different institutes. They will have received a copy from our doctoral studies office and will thus be already informed. You will be able to take the exams; and afterwards you will receive a notification from them whether you passed or not. This transcript of grades must then be forwarded to our Office for Doctoral Studies.

Can I take the exams before the Faculty Council/Council of Elders have made a decision?

This path of action is highly irregular. Should the Faculty Council or Council of Elders not accept the particular subjects but reject them, you will have taken the exams in vain.

Is a new certificate of good conduct needed for the application for admission to the doctoral examination, even though one was submitted when I was first hired?

No, in that case, a confirmation issued by the personnel department is sufficient. If you are not employed here at the university anymore, however, you will have to apply for a new certificate of good conduct and then submit the issued certificate and receipt along with the application for admission to the doctoral examination here at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Office for Doctoral Studies.

What are obligatory copies of relevant pre-publications?

What is meant by that are any copies of pre-publications that are connected to your dissertation, that is to say where parts of your dissertation are published beforehand. Please come to an agreement with your supervising professor if you are unsure about this. Pursuant to Section 5 (3) of our faculty's doctoral degree regulations your mentor has to advise the dean of any pre-publications.

Does the faculty require abstracts in English as well as in German in the mandatory copies of my dissertation?

Yes, our faculty requires abstracts in both languages – no more than a printed page in length each. The mandatory copies of your dissertation must contain these abstracts.

Where in the mandatory copies do the abstracts have to be placed?

You can decide for yourself whether the abstracts shall be at the beginning or at the end in the mandatory copies of your dissertation.

Pursuant to Section 17 (1) of the doctoral regulations, the candidate must give the dean a copy of the dissertation to be published in order to receive approval for publication. What exactly do I need to submit?

As the dean of our Faculty cannot check all of the dissertations, the process is a bit different. You speak with your readers and work their changes into the dissertation. You can then print the mandatory copies. After you submit them to the University Library and the Faculty's Office for Doctoral Studies the readers receive copies along with a form, in which they confirm the correctness of the dissertation.

I have printed my dissertation. Now what?

You must first submit the correct number of dissertation copies to the University Library. Then take the receipt they give you and the remaining copies to the Faculty's Office for Doctoral Studies. If you published your dissertation with a publishing house you must also include the publication receipt for the first printing of 150 copies. The primary reader will receive seven copies and the secondary reader will receive one. Both receive a form in which they confirm for the dean that the dissertation is correct. Afterwards our Office for Doctoral Studies can issue the doctoral certificate and is sent to you via registered mail.

How long will it take to get my doctoral certificate?

That depends on when the reporters return the forms they received, confirming the dissertation is correct, to the Faculty's Office for Doctoral Studies. The dean and rector must then sign the certificate. The whole process takes around four weeks.

Can I also pick up my doctoral certificate?

Yes, just let us know when you are dropping off the dissertation copies at the Office for Doctoral Studies.