Studying at RWTH Aachen University

Why RWTH Aachen? Why the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering? Mechanical engineering in Aachen has a long tradition and is as old as the university itself. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest in Europe. It has an interdisciplinary stucture and offers many qualification opportunities for students from Germany and abroad. Photo: Alex Levay

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Studies - What to Do

Abitur certificate, numerus clausus, enrollment, lottery process... We'll explain how you can attend our university.

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Our Courses of Study

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The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers innovative and diverse studies. On the following pages you can find out about our broad range of study options. 

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Bachelor - Master

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You've got your first academic degree in your hand! If you would like to build on your Bachelor, RWTH Aachen University offers other education opportunities.

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