Accreditation of Study Performances


The advancement of your studies should be the core of your plans to study abroad. Therefore inform yourself in advance about the regulations for accreditation of study performances from abroad.

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Where? When? How? – This is how you plan your study abroad. We advise you on planning your time abroad and explain how you can shape your study abroad.

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Study Abroad Programs


To Europe, Asia or the USA, for studying or for research – here we will present you the study abroad programs and possibilities of RWTH Aachen University and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering! 

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Study Abroad

Board saying Study abroad

Welcome on our Study Abroad pages. No matter if you are interested in a study abroad semester within the ERASMUS program, if you want to study two years in France with T.I.M.E. or independently depart for the USA as a „free mover“ – inform yourself on the following pages or come to the study abroad counsel’s office hours. During the semesters, we offer several study abroad information events which will be announced online. Pay attention to corresponding bulletins in the institutes or in the Büropark Aachen Building C, Kackertstraße 9.

We do not cover your destination? Feel free to contact us with suggestions for new information events! You have been abroad already and have yet returned to Aachen? Participate in our information event, e.g. with a short report of your experience!  


Incomings - Exchange Students

Library Reading Room

Welcome to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University – your academic home while you are studying at this university as an exchange or visiting student.

We are certainly looking forward to your application and to welcoming you here soon!

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After Staying Abroad

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Recognition of Qualifications obtained Abroad, Transfer of Grades and CP, Transcript of Records

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