Vera Mattner

M. A.

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Head of Teaching and Examination Organization


Vera Mattner studied „Intercultural Communication and Education“ (M.A.) at the University of Cologne.


Since September 2017, Ms. Mattner has been as an assistant to the Dean’s Office of Mechanical Engineering. Ms. Mattner has been head of Teaching and Examination Organization since the beginning of 2021.


In addition, she is responsible for the coordination/administration of the faculty’s international relations. As a study abroad coordinator, she is mainly responsible for the supervision of incoming students, study abroad advising for outgoing students, informational events, and the development and maintenance of faculty contacts abroad. Moreover, Ms. Mattner is an advisor for the examination board of the Master’s program "Simulation Sciences" and works as a study advisor.


Ms. Mattner's work focuses on the following topics:

Coordination of all committees of the faculty involved in the organization of teaching and examinations; further development as well as digitalization of the examination board processes; international relations coordination.