Process Steps

  Habilitation Process illustrated in a graphic  

Up to date copies of the following documents must be submitted to the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:

  • Application including the subject, in which the applicant wishes to attain the Habilitation, and if applicable, Venia Legendi
  • Tabular resume
  • Diplom and doctoral certificates (notarized copy or submission of the original)
  • Proof of academic work after the doctoral degree
  • Dissertation
  • List of publications and lectures, and if applicable, list of patents
  • Habilitation paper in German or English, four bound copies as well as an electronic PDF version sent via email
  • An affadavit from the applicant, stating whether they have already attempted to acquire the Habilitation and what the results of these attempts were, including, if applicable, the time, the university, the faculty, and topic of the Habilitation paper
  • An affadavit confirming that the applicant independently wrote the Habilitation paper and named all individuals who helped
  • An affadavit stating that the publication of the Habilitation paper does not violate any existing trade secrets of third parties
  • A written statement confirming that the applicant was made aware of and adhered to the principles of ensuring good academic practice at RWTH Aachen.
  • A recommendation letter from the subject representative that they support the Habilitation
  • Recommendation for two external and one internal reviewers

The following must be submitted upon request by the Dean's Office:

  • A good conduct certificate of document type O issued by the Federal Central Criminal Register or a statement from the RWTH Department of Human Resources confirming this was submitted at the time of hire