Study Advisory Council


The Study Advisory Council supports the Faculty Council and the Dean's Office with the organization and coordination of the range of study programs and classes of the Faculty and therefore holds a very important advisory function.


Among others, the Study Advisory Council develops recommendations for the introduction and coordination of new degree programs. Here, i.e. the compilation of examination regulation concepts as well as the development of program structures and curriculums should be mentioned. Also changes in existing degree programs are discussed within the Study Advisory Council. This applies to content-related and/or structural modifications of complete degree programs, fields (e.g. specializations) or single modules.

In addition to the above named and further topics, the Study Advisory Council makes recommendations. The Faculty Council decides about their realization or rejection.

Sub-Committees of the Study Advisory Council

For supporting the Study Advisory Council sub-committees may be formed if necessary. Sub-committees assist the Study Advisory Councile in certain areas, e.g. in regard to special degree programs or time-limited projects. Applications and topics which belong to the respective sub-committee’s responsibility will be dealt with there first and will then be passed on to the Study Advisory Council with a positive or negative recommendation.

Two permanent sub-committees are the Sub-committee for Teaching and Learning in Computational Engineering Science und Simulation Sciences (UkfL CES/SiSc) and the Committee for Teacher Trainee Programs.