Student Learning Assessment Committee


Major task of the Student Learning Assessment Committee is the improvement of the course of studies and teaching as well as their quality assurance.


For this, among others, every semester the results of the student class questionnaires are analyzed. On the basis of these analysis, if necessary, specific measures are taken for improvement and arranged between the instructors and the Dean / Dean of Academic Affairs. The results of the student class questionnaires will be published in an anonymized form on the website of the Faculty.

Another measure for quality assurance in studies and teaching is the analysis of the pass rate in exams which is conducted every semester. The development of the pass rate is observed and evaluated over several years. If necessary, specific measures will also be developed here for increasing the pass rate, and these measures will be agreed upon with those concerned, e.g. in subjects with a continuously very high failure rate.

Other tasks of the Student Learning Assessment Committee include the organization, realization and evaluation of the “godfather group program”. This program pairs new enrolees with “godfathers” from the professors. Hereby, assistance for the start of studies should be given and the continuous communication between teachers and learners should be developed. The “godfathers” are asked to communicate the students’ needs in the committee, to suggest and take measures for their satisfaction and to inform the committee about the results.