Examination Board


The examination boards ensure that the examination regulations are upheld and see to the orderly procedure of examinations. They are particularly responsible for making decisions about student applications regarding matters of  examination. Additionally, the examination boards must regularly report to the faculty on the development of exams and study length. They make suggestions concerning the reform of examination regulations, study regulations and syllabi, as well as disclosing the distribution of subject grades and cumulative grades.





The examination boards of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are made up of representatives of the professors, the scientific assistants and the student body, who are elected for a limited duration. The examination boards are public authorities in terms of the administrative procedure laws and are independent in their decisions.

The duties of the examination boards include:

  • the interpretation and enforcement of the terms dictated by the examination regulations
  • rulings on appeals made against decisions reached during the examination procedure.

The meetings of the examination board take place while the university is in session and are closed to the general public. Applications are to be made in written form and should be handed on time before the next board meeting.