RWTH Aachen University was and is highly respected internationally as a center for research and teaching in the field of Mechanical Engineering and looks back on a long tradition of technical expertise.

The "Fachschule für Maschinenbau und mechanische Technik" (Technical School for Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Technology) belonged to the four schools with which the Polytechnic Institute started its teaching in 1870.

The Mechanical Engineering program at RWTH Aachen University therefore is as old as the University itself, even if it was subject to diverse changes in the course of time.

In the course of time, Mechanical Engineering changed by name as well as by organization:

  • 1880 III Machine Engineering
  • 1922 Faculty of Machine Economy
  • 1941 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • 1946/47 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering

The subject-specific changes however were of lasting importance.