Institute for Industrial Communications and Technical Media (IIF)


The Institute for Communication in Industry and Specialized Media (IIF) at RWTH Aachen University is interdisciplinary.

It connects the disciplines:

  • Engineering Sciences
  • Business and Economics
  • Communication Science

Subject-matter of the institute are problems in knowledge communication along value-added chains (communication in industry), problem solving through systematic aid of specialized information resp. specialized media as well as structuring of specialized information services from the provider’s view. The research is practice-oriented and is complemented by a manifold range of services.

Research relies upon three central fields of work:

  • Process-related analysis of knowledge exchange as well as identification and evaluation of knowledge along industrial value-added and trade chains,
  • Structuring and commercialization of hence derived communication processes and formats with specialized media,
  • Optimization of communication design through a situation, task and target group specific preparation of contents.

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