ISF - Welding and Joining Institute


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Reisgen

Fields of Study

Mechanical Engineering, Material Sciences, Business Engineering, Teaching, Electrical Enginnering

Main Focus

Joining techniques, beam-, arc-, resistance welding, adhesive bonding, automation, sensor systems, process simulation, material testing, environment

Research Focus

The Welding and Joining Institute (ISF) of the RWTH Aachen University has, for almost 60 years now, been dealing with modern welding and joining technologies. Main emphasis is put on almost all industrially relevant, non-detachable joining methods. Among these are the arc welding methods with their modern process variations, the entire spectrum of electron and laser beam welding methods, resistance and friction welding processes and also adhesive bonding as well as, in cooperation with FJ-Jülich, brazing. In connection with the research work, also work about welding processing of modern materials, automation and mechanisation, process simulation, occupational safety and environmental protection are carried out. In addition to fundamental process and method analyses in the above-mentioned fields, main emphasis is put on the application-oriented implementation of the gained knowledge in the field of new and advanced development of joining technologies for innovative materials and design. Moreover, direct industrial cooperation which is reaching from smaller individual projects up to long-term development cooperation makes up a large part of the scientific work. The large spectrum of joining core competences allows to find a target-oriented solution for almost all joining problems. The service departments "Chemical Analysis", "Metallography" and extensive material testing facilities are used for project work, expert reports and failure analysis and are also at external orderers' disposal. Among other tasks, material problems, process and simulation problems from the fields of plant engineering and tank construction, automotive engineering, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, construction engineering and also electrical and electronics industry are currently worked on.


ISF - Welding and Joining Institute
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