KM - Department of Continuum Mechanics


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. (RUS) Mikhail Itskov

Fields of Study

Mechanical Engineering, Simulation Techniques in Mechanical Engineering, Computational Engineering Science

Main Focus

Continuum mechanics, tensor calculus, constitutive modeling of anisotropic materials, mechanics of biological tissues, computer methods of mechanics (in particular FEM)

Research Focus

The departmental goal is to convey fundamental and practice-oriented knowledge of modern continuum mechanics coupled with basic research within the range of the modelling of non-linear inelastic and
anisotropic materials with large deformations.

The following courses are offered:
Continuum Mechanics, Tensor Algebra and Analysis for Engineers I, II, Foundations of Finte Element Methods for Engineers, Practical Introduction to FEM Software I, II, Strength of Materials and Mechanics of Living Tissues.

Continuum mechanics describe the movement and deformation of material bodies under the effect of forces. This is of fundamental importance in modern engineering due to the growing application of materials characterized by complex non-linear, inelastic and anisotropic behaviour. Tensor analysis is the fundamental mathematical tool of continuum mechanics. With the help of it material models are formulated and implemented in a modular fashion into numerical environments (e.g.finite element method). Thus, the possibility exists to consider complicated material behaviour in simulations (e.g. construction unit dimensioning and - optimization or Crash simulations).

Research fields:
Continuum Mechanics, Tensor Calculus, Theory of materials, Mechanics of Living Tissues, Biomechnics, Material Instabilities, Numerical Methods of Mechanics. Research projects are financed by public funds and industry likewise.

Supervision of research activities (like mini thesis, diploma, master or PhD) is offered within the following topics: continuum and structural mechanics, tensor analysis, finite elements method (theory and applications), numerical evaluations in connection with experimental results.


KM - Department of Continuum Mechanics
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