LLT - Chair for Laser Technology


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Constantin Leon Häfner

Fields of Study

Production technology, design engineering, traffic engineering, fundamentals of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, communication

Main Focus

Additive processes, drilling, integrative production, integrated optics, ultrafast, nano and micro structuring, thin film technology, beam sources, measurement technology, plasma technology, systems engineering, modeling and simulation, surface analytics

Research Focus

  • Quantum Photonics
    • Photonic quantum computing
    • Quantum networks
  • Digital Photonic Production
    • Process chains for laser-based production
  • Laser sources
    • Ultrashort-pulse lasers
    • Lasers for air- and space borne applications
    • Tunable lasers
    • Compact EUV- and UV-sources for lithography and metrology
  • Laser Measurement Technology
    • Measurement in physical regime (e.g. dimensions and distances)
    • Measurement in chemical regime (e.g. Laser- Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), laser-induced fluorescence (LIF))
    • In-line measurement (e.g. production, recycling, laser-based manufacturing)
  • Laser-based Manufacturing
    • Laser cutting and –welding
    • Laser polishing and –structuring
    • Laser drilling
    • Medical technology and biophotonics


LLT - Chair for Laser Technology
Steinbachstrasse 15
52074 Aachen

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