WSA - Chair of Heat and Masstransfer


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhold Kneer

Fields of Study

Energy Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Plastics Technology; Textile Technology; Fundamentals of mechanical engineering

Main Focus

Energy and Process Engineering; Fuel Injection; Coal Combustion; Transport Phenomena in Falling Films; Air conditioning

Research Focus

Theoretical, numerical and experimental studies on coal and gas combustion in oxyfuel-atmosphere as well as with air, burner design, direct desulphurization, torrefaction of biomass, high temperature heat exchangers, control of engine combustion by means of fuel injection; injection, investigation of atomisation characteristics for new synthetic biofuels; investigation of cluster nozzle characteristics; hydrodynamics and heat transfer of free falling liquid films; modelling and experimental determination of contact heat transfer coefficients, optimisation of cooling tower inventory, management of air conditioning for buildings, optical measurement of surface temperatures with high temporal resolution.


WSA - Chair of Heat and Masstransfer
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