IKV - Institute of Plastics Processing in Industry and the Skilled Crafts at RWTH Aachen University


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann

Fields of Study

Plastics technology: materials, dies, micro systems, composites, compounding, surface technology

Main Focus

Holistic approach to product development, which takes in the individual aspects of material, design and processing, in the two fields of plastics and rubber

Research Focus

Injection moulding of thermoplastics and thermosets; extrusion of thermoplastics; rubber technology; polyurethane technology/processing of reactive foams; composites; design tailored to the material and production process; surface processes; forming and welding thermoplastics; part and materials testing.

In the winter semester of 2007/08, the IKV switched its "Diplom" degree courses to the Bachelor/Master degrees (Bachelor's degree = 7 sem., Master's degree = 3 sem.). The Master degree courses started in summer semester 2011. Lectures: plastics processing; textile technology; moulds and dies for plastics processing; fibre composites; surface finishing of plastics; plastics technology for microsystems; plastics in automotive engineering.

Cooperative research with industry:
Cooperation between industry and science is part of everyday life at the IKV. The Institute is funded by a non-profit association of sponsors, which currently has a membership of 230 companies. The companies supplythe IKV machinery, plant and equipment in the framework of joint research projects.

A key training method employed at the IKV is the direct application of research as a means of teaching. In the context of the research work conducted, students work on self-contained topics as experimental and degree theses. Students additionally have the opportunity to work as assistants at the Institute and thus gain more in-depth practical experience in the IKV laboratories. Apart from this, the IKV is able to offer a large number of internships abroad via its member companies.

IKV specialist conferences:
The IKV holds some eight to ten specialist conferences each year covering different topics associated with plastics processing. Speakers from the IKV and recognised experts from the plastics sector set out the latest state of the art from science and industry. In addition to this, the International Plastics Technology Colloquium takes place every two years.


IKV - Institute of Plastics Processing in Industry and the Skilled Crafts at RWTH Aachen University
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