I³ - Interdisciplinary Integrated Institutes


The goal of the Interdisciplinary Integrated Institutes or I3 is the development and continuation of established interdisciplinary fields of research with a particular strategic meaning. The high scientific reputation and related international visibility of these institutions are a core element RWTH's profile areas, that is scientific work in those fields is primarily implemented through the I3 instrument.  I3 institutes are based on a contractually regulated contract between multiple entities (faculties and in some cases, institutions at Forschungszentrum Jülich) and basically have an unrestricted run time. Regular, external evaluations ensure the institutes' scientific excellence and lead to any necessary adjustments and reorientations. Through a mutual institutional and administrative framework, the scientific collaboration between partners is relieved, who other are part of different RWTH units.


I - Cubes recognised as such by RWTH

Abbreviation Name
CWD Center for Wind Power Drives
TM Technology in Medicine

Other I - Cubes identified by Faculty

Abbreviation Name
CMP Center for Mobile Propulsion
CSD Center for Simulation and Data Sciences
FDC Fuel Design Center
HIA Helmholtz-Institute for Biomedical Engineering of the RWTH Aachen
iCBT Center for Human Centered Building Technology
NGP2 Center for Next Generation Processes and Products
RCDPP  Research Center for Digital Photonic Production
ZMB Centre for Metallic Design