Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS)


Minimum requirements for a doctorate supplement at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

For the acquirement of a doctorate supplement of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, at least five of the following ten minimum requirements must be fulfilled within the scope of a doctorate:

  1. Lecture and tutorial supervision and coordination
  2. Participation in a doctoral seminar
  3. Supervision of student research projects and Diploma theses as well as project works, Bachelor and Master theses
  4. Participation in seminars such as “Fit für die Forschung” (“Fit for Research”), “Fit für die Lehre” (“Fit for Teaching”) etc.
  5. making applications for projects
  6. carrying out projects
  7. writing scientific research reports
  8. presentation at national/international symposia
  9. accepted pieces of publication in conference transcripts and/or referred journals
  10. miscellaneous

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