Doctoral Studies


Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University

Have you successfully completed your studies and plan to earn your Dr.-Ing. or Dr. rer. nat. degree at our faculty? Generally, candidates complete their doctoral studies in a so called "Assistenzpromotion," meaining that you are employed as an academic staff member at one of chairs during your doctoral studies.

On our website you can find an overview of all our institutes. You can find out more about current job openings on the institutes' respective webpages. The institutes also directly determine doctoral studies topics.

You can find a graphic picturing an overview of the doctoral study process at our faculty and the individual steps of the process here.

Below we have compiled a complete list of links where you can find information about what you must know before and during your doctoral studies.


Before Your Doctoral Studies

On the page Before Your Doctoral Studies you can find everything you need to know about the prerequisites you need to fulfill to attain a Dr. Ing. or Dr. rer. nat. We also explain the first steps and answer frequently asked questions about this part of the process.

During Your Doctoral Studies

Here you can read all about the doctoral studies process and learn about everything you must pay attention to. We also include answers to frequently asked questions about this part of the process.


You can find all necessary forms and the doctoral regulations in the download section.

You can get more information from the doctoral studies office .