Since the academic year 2021/22, the Swiss government is impose a strict balance between incoming and outgoing students at Swiss universities as a prerequisite for promoting international mobility. As a consequence, only contractually agreed exchange places can be financially supported by SEMP - unless more students come to RWTH from the Swiss university than the other way around. The exchange places negotiated by our faculty are intended for students who are pursuing a regular study exchange at ETH.

This means that research stays at ETH will in all likelihood no longer be funded, at least not on the part of Switzerland. According to ETH, students can still obtain student status at ETH through SEMP (Swiss-European Mobility Program), but they will then be listed as so-called "zero grant" students, which means that no funding will be paid.

Due to these circumstances, the RWTH International Office has decided to open the Promos funding program to applications from affected students. More information about Promos can be found on this website. Furthermore, you can apply for funding through the IDEA-League Research Grant.

Nevertheless, a nomination by RWTH is still necessary for a research stay at ETH. Please note the following information: As soon as you have identified a supervisor on-site, a time period as well as a research topic and have received a confirmation of supervision from ETH, you must be nominated by RWTH at ETH within the framework of the SEMP program. This nomination must be carried out at least two months before the planned start date; should you require a visa for Switzerland, this deadline is extended to three months in advance. Outside these deadlines, no nomination for a research stay at ETH will be made by our faculty.

In order to be nominated for a research stay, please send the following information to :

  • The start and end date of your research stay at ETH
  • Have you already found a scientist / researcher who will demonstrably supervise you?
    If yes, please tell us his/her name and the name of the institute.
  • Do you need a visa for Switzerland?

If you are organizing your own internship or research stay abroad, please register as an outgoing on the International Office website. This will help the university keep statistical records of all outgoings.