T.I.M.E. Keio University (Double Degree) - Japan


Do you study mechanical engineering with production technology as a career field and want to add an international component to your studies that is one or two semesters long? The T.I.M.E or Top International Managers in Engineering program offers you the chance to continue your studies RWTH Aachen and to get to know the academic system and university life of one of Japan's leading technical universities. Exciting, diverse, and international studies await you. Upon completion of the program you will not only have improved your knowledge of the country and your language skills, but rather you will be distinguished with a double degree from internationally renowned universities. You will possess an extraordinary qualification, that will enrich you both personally and academically and will make you particularly stand out in the professional world.


The program enables two students a year to participate.


Frequently Asked Questions

What prerequisites do I need to fulfill to apply?

  • Enrolled in at least the seven core (Bachelor) semester at the time of the application deadline (November 15)
  • Good to very good academic performance and progress in accordance with the schedule of studies
  • Career field or pursued specialization in Master studies: production technology
  • Proof of English skills:
    • Abitur certficate: at least 6 years or
    • RWTH Aachen Language Center language test (at least B2 in all sections)
    • IELTS, Cambridge Certificate, TOEFL
  • To be able to participate in the program after successful application, the Bachelor degree must have been obtained at RWTH Aachen University or another German university

How does the T.I.M.E. program with Keio University work?

You complete your Bachelor studies with a specialization in production technology at RWTH Aachen. Ideally you would start your Master's studies in production technology in the summer semester following the application period. This would avoid any chance of delaying your studies because of your participation in the T.I.M.E. exchange. You finish the first semester of the Master's and then you continue your studies for 1.5 years at Keio University. You take modules in your specialization and complete a research project. Modules, of up to 30 credit points, can be integrated into your local curriculum through a change in curriculum.

After your stay in Keio, you return to RWTH Aachen and finish your thesis. When you are awarded the Master of Science RWTH Aachen University, you also receive a Master's degree from Keio University.

What services are included in participation of the program?

Participation in the T.I.M.E. exchange exempts you from paying any tuition fees for the partner university. You are also guaranteed a room in a dormitory (for a fee). The international office of the partner university provides mentoring and supervision on site.

The program does not have a scholarship.

What academic performance will be accepted as a result of my participation in the program?

Students participating in the exchange can have up to 30 CP of the CP earned in Japan recognized for their studies in Aachen, depending on their specialization, with a change of curriculum. The extended duration of studies (of three semesters in Keio a maximum of one semester in Aachen is recognized) justifies the award of two degrees.

If you are interested in an application, please contact the study abroad advisory service in advance regarding questions of study planning!


What application documents must be submitted?

At the application deadline - 15 January of each year - please submit the following documents via the platform Moveon.

  • Letter of motivation in English language (1-2 pages)
  • Curriculum vitae in English language
  • Overview of marks in English (issued by the Central Examination Office)
  • Language proof:
    - English: at least B2 level

Good academic performance and a convincing personal motivation are the key to a successful application. What makes you stand out for an exchange with Keio University? Are there any research projects or modules you are particularly interested in? Do you have a special relation to country, culture, language? These are just some of the questions you should consider in your letter of motivation.

What are the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering's evaluation criteria?

Good academic performance and a convincing and personal statement of motivation are key to a successful application. What particularly distinguishes you for an exchange with Keio University? Are there research projects or modules that particularly interest you? Do you have a special connection to the country, culture, or language? These are only a few questions that you should consider in your statement of motivation.

What is the application process?

Apply by…

  • …January, 15

…to begin studies in the same year in the winter semester.

After preliminary selection, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Study Counselling Office forwards your materials to Professor Bergs. He is makes the final nomination decision. You will receive notification of the decision in the mail around October or November.

Your stay abroad will be begin in September. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Study Counselling Office will support you with further preparation if you are nominated.


Contact Partner

The Exchange Office of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the International Office of the RWTH Aachen University would assist you with further information.