Hongik University - South Korea


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering enables its students to complete a stay abroad in South Korea through a partnership with the renowned Hongik University. The exchange is limited to ten students (Bachelor and Master) per academic year.


Hongik University is one of the largest universities in Seoul and is famous for its strong artistic orientation. The faculties of design and art have a particularly outstanding reputation and thus corresponding high acceptance criteria and have a certain elite air in the Asian region. Nevertheless, Hongik University is a university with a broad spectrum of subjects, covering almost all disciplines.

The large Faculty of Engineering (Department for Mechanical and Systems Design Engineering) is particularly notable with its special focus on a comprehensive, systematic approach to product development. The university confidently and convincingly connects the diverse subjects through numerous interdisciplinary courses and prepare students for later everyday professional life.

A few graduate school are also attached to Hongik University, such as the International Design School for Advanced Studies. The Master's courses there are often offered in English and exchange students are usually allowed to take their classes.


Frequently asked questions

What courses can I take at Hongik University?

You can take the classic engineering subjects at Hongik University. However the classes in product or vehicle design are particularly attractive, which you may be able get credit for as elective or additional subjects. You are also able to write your Bachelor's or Master's thesis at this host university.
Please note that we do not give any guarantee on the information found on the universities‘.

What services are included in the partnership?

The tuition fees at Hongik University are waived for nominated students. You can also apply for a scholarship, such as the PROMOS scholarship.

What requirements do I have to fulfill to apply?

  • In at least your third (Bachelor) core semster when applying
  • Good academic performance and progress in accordance with the curriculum
  • English language documentation:
    • Abitur certificate: at least 6 years or
    • Language Test from the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Arts and Humanities Language Center (at least B1 in al components) or
    • IELTS, Cambridge Certificate, TOEFL

What application documents have to be submitted to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Exchange Office?

Your motivational letter and your study plan (min. 30 CP) should be entered in the respective fields on the online application platform. 

In addition, please upload the following documents in PDF format:

  • CV in German
  • Transcript of grades in English (in RWTHonline or issued by the Central Examination Office )
  • Proof of Language Skills:
    • English: at least B1 level or one of accepted documents listed above
    • Rudimentary Korean skills are recommended (not completely necessary)

What are the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering's evaluation criteria?

The core of your application is your statement of motivation. In your statement you answer the question how you plan to integrate your semester abroad into your studies. Why do you want to attend Hongik University? What courses do you want to take there? How do you want credit or recognition for these courses? Indicate that you have thought about how you plan to integrate your academic performance from abroad into your curriculum.

Of course, you can supplement your motivation with enthusiasm for the target country, language, university town, etc. Personal motivation that supplements your studies (e.g. interest in a sports teams, student club at the host university) can help you stand out. Volunteer or extracurricular involvement is awarded an extra point.

How does the application process work?

You learn about the host university online and the courses it offers. If you have questions about course content, you can contact Dr. Manuel Löwer (iMSE - Institute for Machine Elements and System Engineering).

You apply by…

  • …January 31 to begin studies in the fall (1 to 2 semesters)
  • …April 15 to begin studies in the spring term at Hongik University (1 semester)

The semester dates at Hongik University differ from those in Aachen – please pay attention to your exam dates, especially the semester before beginning your stay – our Mentoring Team can help you organize your studies:

  • Winter semester: end of August to the end of December
  • Summer semester (Spring Term): end of February to the middle of June

Please note that you must be Seoul when the semester begins.

Please upload your application portfolio as a single pdf to our application platform by the respective deadline. Incomplete documents will not be considered.

After your application is received, they are reviewed by the staff in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Exchange Office. Afterwards, you will be notified in writing about your nomination by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering by the end of March; we will then forward your application to Hongik University. At the same time you must register with the partner university.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Exchange Office supports you if you have questions about this process and will inform you about how to proceed if you are nominated.



The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Exchange Office is available to provide additional information.