Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) - Swiss


International student mobility with partner universities in Switzerland is not part of the ERASMUS program, but rather of the Swiss-European Mobility Program, SEMP for short. For you as a student who would like to spend a semester abroad in Switzerland, the application process is exactly the same as in the ERASMUS program. 


We would therefore like to refer you to our information page on the ERASMUS program.

If you have been nominated, we will register you with the Swiss partner university and they will contact you. The application for the scholarship included in the SEMP will then be handled by the Swiss partner university. In comparison to the ERASMUS program you do not need a Learning Agreement in the SEMP.

In addition to a regular semester abroad, a research stay (e.g. as part of your thesis) in Switzerland is also possible. If you are planning a research stay at ETH Zurich, we would like to draw your attention to a few formalities which we have listed for you on a separate webseite.


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