Right at the beginning of your considerations to study one or two semesters abroad, the question emerges: “Where shall I actually go to?” Oftentimes, the more essential question “What do I actually want to study abroad?” is overlooked. 


Would I like to complete my field of specialization abroad or rather advance a semester of the master program? Is it important to me to find equivalent obligatory subjects abroad, or would I rather like to design my curriculum independently with additional elective subjects?

To help you with your consideration, following are some hints:


Hints for planning your study abroad

Define your destinations

  • In which countries could you imagine to study for a while?
  • Consult the country information of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
  • Are there certain regions in these countries in which you are interested culturally/linguistically (e.g. metropolises vs. small towns)?
  • Inform yourself of exchange programs to your destined country at the International Office/ the Faculty’s Study Abroad Counseling
  • Read experience reports of RWTH outgoings
  • Get in touch with international students by participating in BeBuddy

Make a list of possible (partner) universities in your potential host country

  • Consult rankings
    (but note: your ideal target university in regard to your individual course of studies will not always equal the one which scores well in rankings)
  • Take advice from, for example, embassies/consulates, cultural organizations

Consider aspects relevant for your studies when your destined university

  • In which field would I like to specialize?
  • Which subjects of my curriculum would I like to complete abroad, which would I rather complete at RWTH Aachen University (e.g. because I would like to write my bachelor’s thesis with Prof. XYZ)?
  • At which university in my potential host country am I able to cover my field of specialization best?