Study abroad may be independently organized as a so called Free mover, or within special exchange programs.


Exchange programs vs. "free mover"

Exchange programs

Several programs exists in which the exchange relations between the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering resp. RWTH Aachen University and universities abroad are regulated. For some of these programs professors of the Faculty are responsible. Additionally, most professors at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering have contacts to further professors abroad. For participation in an exchange program an application is necessary. Those who wish to study abroad for a limited time – within the framework of a program or independently – should inform themselves approx. one year ahead of the planned study abroad and begin planning. For certain exchange programs the deadline is approx. three-quarters of a year before the beginning of the study abroad.

Free mover

Free movers may theoretically study at any desired university of their choice. Therefore, you have to deal with a vast number of potential universities though; a limitation to certain universities as it exists naturally within exchange programs is missing.  Also the financing, for example waiver of tuition fees, must be taken over by you – here some scholarships can help for which you can apply.