Project / Thesis Work


As an incoming guest student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, you may also be interested in conducting project work or research, or might want to write your thesis at RWTH Aachen University. The following paragraphs will explain how to approach such endeavors. Please note: you should clarify with your home institution any stipulations that may exist with regard to what your faculties expect from any of said projects!


How to approach a research project

1. Identify your research interest
2. Identify institutes whose field of research correlates with your interest
3. Visit the institute's homepage to locate avaiblable projects
4. Contact the project supervisor or any assistant via e-mail
5. Clarify formal requirements at home (and with your supervisor)
6. Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!


As mentioned, we cannot arrange project work. Our institutes are autonomous in their choice of candidates – as you will enjoy the same status as any other RWTH student, equal conditions apply as well.

At the time of your application, the International Office will ask you to indicate who will supervise your project. We urge you to take all the necessary steps when contemplating whether you would like to study at RWTH Aachen University. However, if you cannot find a suitable project in advance, please let us know!


1. Identify your interest

Students at RWTH Aachen University are expected to take care of project work themselves. With over 10.000 students, the faculty staff cannot arrange projects for each student. Therefore, in a first move, you should identify your research interests and look out for institutes at RWTH Aachen University whose research focus matches your own. First of all, take a look at the various institutes affiliated with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

2. Locate available projects online

Many of our institutes regularly publish available project or thesis work online, including a detailed description of what is expected of a candidate and how to apply. We would advise you to continuously check the respective homepages.

3. Contact the institute

Once you found a project online, contact the professor or assistant in charge via e-mail. We recommend that you do so rather formally, including a short introduction of yourself and attaching a CV in order to give the professor or his/her assistant an impression of your academic career to this point. There is no need to worry – our institutes are always on the lookout for talented students!

Alternatively, you may, of course, also suggest a project which corresponds, more or less, to the respective institutes overall research field.

4. Clarify formal requirements

As a rule, you may compose your research project either in German or in English – depending on the consent of your supervisor. Please inquire at your home institution whether formal criteria, such as minimum duration of a project or a certain number of ECTS to be awarded, apply. At RWTH Aachen University, we award ECTS in correlation with the duration of the project:

Thesis Duration (in weeks) ECTS
Bachelor 10 15
Master 22 30
Project 6 10

If you would like to use the logo of RWTH Aachen University or one of its institutes in your thesis, please be aware that you need a permission to do so. The exact regulations and a downloadable application form for using the university logo are available on the following website: Tips About Papers and Written Projects