Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ


FAQ Application for a Master degree

Is there no possibility of consulting with someone from the RWTH before applying (perhaps, so that one might be able to choose one’s elective courses in preparation for an application at a later point)?

All the information that is needed can be found at the faculty of mechanical engineering’s homepage. Specifically the self-assessment test gives the student feedback about his/her suitability for a master’s degree at the RWTH. Due to the large amount of applications from all kinds of different universities an individual consultation or preliminary examination cannot be offered.

I graduated from a University of Applied Sciences or am a Bachelor’s graduate in a discipline other than Mech. Engineering or Business Administration & Engineering. Am I eligible to apply for a Master’s program at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering?

This is possible as long as you meet the admission requirements set out in §3 of the degree program-specific examination regulations of the Master's program in question. It is likely that you will have to complete a  number of additional modules as part of your Master's program.

Is there any empirical data concerning graduates from which universities are admitted and who must take on extra courses?

A publication of empirical data or statistics is not possible due to legal restraints. The faculty has provided a self-assessment test to ascertain how the student’s bachelor’s degree measures up to RWTH standards.

Is it true that in general TU 9 graduates are definitely admitted?

A general rule for the admission of TU 9 graduates does not exist. Every applicant is considered in light of the requirements. In recent years however, the overlap of bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering issued by other TU 9 universities with those issued by the RWTH has been very large. Therefore the probability of being accepted has been high for graduates from those institutions.

Is it true that in general FH graduates are not admitted?

A general rule for the admission of FH graduates does not exist. Every applicant is considered in light of the requirements. Statistically however, less FH students are admitted because the basic courses are taught in less scope at the FH than at the RWTH.

I have completed a course of study for which there is no ECTS-compatible credit point system. Is it possible for me to apply to a Master’s course at RWTH Aachen?

Yes, that is possible. Please submit proof of all completed study and exam performances (such as credits/credit points, semester hours per course etc.) and results of all exams required to complete the course of study. We will evaluate this material, calculate the corresponding credit points and determine whether you meet the admission requirements.

I cannot find any information about the current NC (numerus clausus) on your website.

Technically, the Master's courses of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are open admission courses. However, you must meet the admission requirements. For further information, please refer to §3 of the examination regulations of your course of choice.

Are there any summaries concerning which BWL subjects/modules can additionally be taken (with reservation) by mechanical engineers, who wish to be admitted to the Business Administration & Engineering: Mechanical Engineering?

50 CP are required in the business (BWL) field. These should be chosen from the modules available to students studying for a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Engineering: Mechanical Engineering. Additionally the admission requirements contain the following specific subjects:

  • Microeconomics: 4 CP
  • Macroeconomics: 4 CP
  • Basics of Civil Law: 4 CP
  • Operations Research: 4 CP
  • Decision Theory: 4 CP

I submitted my application a few weeks ago. How long does it roughly take for me to receive a response?

As a rule, educational residents (those who graduated from a German university) and applicants from EU/EEC countries receive a letter of approval or rejection by the end of September at the latest (for the winter semester) or by the end of March (for the summer semester). Applicants from all other nations typically receive their letter of approval or rejection by mid-June or by mid-December (for the winter and summer semester, respectively).

I have not received the grade for my Bachelor’s thesis as yet. However, I want to apply for a Master’s course of study offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible – you just need to submit an officially authenticated transcript of records from your current university. As the faculty's courses of study are open admission programs, your grades are not taken into account when deciding on your admission. However, you must meet the admission requirements. Your documents must be received by the Faculty within the official deadline, otherwise they will not be taken into account. Modules that you registered for but have not as yet passed at the time of application cannot be taken into account.

I was informed that I need to complete further credit points in a module, even though I achieved a number of credit points in this module at my former university. Were these credit points not taken into account?

All credit points achieved are taken into account when verifying the admission requirements. We check whether you have achieved the qualifications that are required as a basis for the modules in the Master’s program. This is common practice and has been confirmed as legitimate by the administrative court in Aachen.

For further information on the evaluation process, please refer to the web page on the application process.

I need to fulfill additional requirements in modules in my specialization. What does this exactly mean?

To fulfil these requirements, please get in touch with your departmental advisor. You can propose suitable courses to take from the elective modules and ask him or her for approval. The final decision on which courses to complete is made together with the departmental advisor; as a necessary formal step, you must submit a request for culliculum change.  


I have received admission for a Master’s course of study. However I had second thoughts and now want to transfer to another course.

In general, all German-taught Master’s courses of study at RWTH Aachen have the same admission requirements. For this reason, it is possible to transfer to another mechanical engineering Master’s course.

However, please note the following:

  • If you have not gained any credit points so far in the course of study to which you were originally admitted, you must apply for admission to the new course of study in the next semester.

Regardless of what applies to you, please get in touch with the Registrar’s Office to receive further information on deadlines and required documents.

Please also note that the admission requirements of the German-taught mechanical engineering Master’s programs are different from those for the Master’s courses in Business Administration & Engineering with a focus on Mechanical Engineering; Automation Engineering; Computational Engineering Science; Simulation Sciences; and the English-taught programs offered by the RWTH International Academy. If want to transfer to one of these programs, please inquire about the differing admission requirements.

I have obtained admission to a Master’s course for the last semester. Can I enroll in the current semester of study?

Letters of submission are now only valid for 1 semester. Please refer to your letter of submission for further details.

How important is the grade achieved in exams for additional requirements?

The grades achieved in additional requirement exams is not really important. All you need is pass.

I have not completed the 20 weeks of mandatory internship as yet – do I have to fully complete them prior to starting my Master's program?

No, the 20 weeks of internship must be completed before registering your Master's thesis.

My application for admission was not approved, even though I completed a suitable Bachelor's course at another university or university of applied sciences. Legally, all Bachelor's degrees are equivalent. So why did I not gain admission?

According to the Higher Education Act, universities can determine admission requirements as they see fit. If your application was not approved, this is due to the fact that you did not meet all requirements necessary for admission as defined by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

For this reason, you have not been admitted to the Master's course of study. However, if after completing the requirements/qualifications as listed in the notification of rejection, you can re-apply for admission.

I was not admitted to a Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Master’s course. However, a fellow student who graduated from the same university, was admitted. How is this possible?

Most likely, your student acquaintance chose another specialization or completed different electives or additional subjects. Presumably, it is due to such a difference in course content that this student was admitted while you were not.

As part of my Bachelor’s studies in mechanical engineering / business administration and engineering with specialization in mechanical engineering / CES, I irrevocably failed one examination. Is it possible for me to come back to RWTH for a Master’s?

This depends on the type of exam that you irrevocably failed: if it is (part of) a module that is essential for admission to the Master’s course, such as Thermodynamics, Mechanics II/III, for example (please see $3 of the relevant Master’s examination regulations), you cannot be admitted to the Master’s course, unfortunately. We must take the irrevocably failed exam into account, and thus you do not meet the requirements for admission.

I have the impression that my qualifications from the Bachelor’s course of study were not sufficiently taken into account. I am supposed to take assessments in a module which I feel I have sufficiently covered during my Bachelor’s studies.

If the module completed in the Bachelor’s course does not fully cover the content of the required module, you will not receive full credit for it. The proportion of recognized credit points corresponds to the proportion of equivalent module content.I

f there is no overlap between the content of the required module and the one actually completed, no credit points will be recognized. Please make sure to provide in your application sections of the relevant module catalogs, so that we are able precisely to determine what contents were actually covered in the module you completed.

Broadly conceived "overview" modules are recognized to a limited extent only – physics, as a discipline, for example, comprises a large number of different subjects, such as optics, mechanics, electrical engineering, thermodynamics, atomic physics, etc. Generally you, as an applicant, must provide evidence of the subject matter covered in your previous course.