Successfully Completed School? What Now?

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Finally! You've taken the first big step towards your professional future. The question remains to be asked "Now what?" One thing is clear - the decision is yours. On these pages we want to at least provide you with as much useful information as possible to make the transition to this next chapter of your life a bit easier.


Studying at RWTH Aachen University

Why RWTH Aachen? Why the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering?

Meet the Faculty! Mechanical engineering in Aachen has a long tradition and is as old as the university itself. Not only have the number of students and chairs increased since the university was founded in 1870, but the research work and collaborations within the individual faculties and with other research and industry institutions have dramatically increased.

With 63 institutes and chairs in mechanical and process engineering, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has become one of the largest mechanical engineering faculties in Europe. It has an interdisciplinary structure and offers many qualification opportunities for students from Germany and abroad.

*** Warum Christian sich für Maschinenbau einschrieb ***

Why Christian enrolled in mechanical engineering