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Application to one of the Examination Boards


In case a student wishes to file an application to one of the Examination Boards of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the following general conditions always apply:

  • All applications for which no precast forms exist (informal applications) will be viewed and decided upon as individual applications. All formalized applications (those with precast forms) are assigned to certain degree programs and may be found in the download area.
  • All informal applications must be submitted digitally through PAnter.
  • In addition, objections must also always be submitted to the Examination Board in paper form with a handwritten signature!
  • The applications must be submitted in digital form at the latest two weeks prior to the next meeting of the respective Examination Board, because otherwise, they cannot be dealt with until the meeting after next.
  • All applications that are not submitted through PAnter must contain the following information: name, matriculation number and complete current address of applicant, RWTH e-mail address and phone number, degree program and subject resp. specialization, where applicable, content of application with explanation, attachments, if necessary for confirming content (especially medical certificates, confirmations of chairs or the like), date of application and signature. To collect the decision letter via PAnter, an e-mail stating the matriculation number must be sent to .


Applications and objections to the relevant Examination Board should be submitted at least two weeks before the respective meeting date so that they can be prepared accordingly. It is possible that a case that is received in good time before a meeting will not be discussed until the following meeting. This cannot be influenced. The students concerned will be informed of the meeting date in good time.


Applications should be submitted via PAnter and, in exceptional cases, can be sent to the faculty by e-mail or post or dropped in the "red mailbox" (Eilfschornsteinstraße 18, 52062 Aachen, first floor). Applications submitted by e-mail or through PAnter, with the exception of objections, do not also have to be submitted in the original. Applications submitted by e-mail must be signed and scanned or signed with an extended digital signature and sent using the RWTH e-mail address.

All results of the applications will be communicated to the applicants after the decision of the respective Examination Board. In the case of initial applications, a written notification is sent by e-mail that the decision can be collected in PAnter. In the case of objections, the decision is sent by post with advice of receipt.

Applications to the Examination Board SiSc must be submitted to the Student Office of the German Research School on the first floor of Schinkelstr. 2a.




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