Procedures of Recognition


Students who have completed study or exam performances in other degree programs and/or at other universities and who wish to have these accredited for their current course of studies, have to pass through an accreditation procedure.

The main accreditation procedure of academic performances is equal in all programs of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and is carried out as follows:

  1. For initiating an accreditation procedure, enrollment in the respective program at RWTH Aachen University is obligatory.
  2. After proper enrollment an individual application for accreditation of study and exam performances must be filed. Applications can be submitted via e-mail, sent to the faculty by mail, or dropped in the "red mailbox" (Eilfschornsteinstraße 18, 52062 Aachen, first floor). The original document should not be submitted additionally if the application as already been sent to the examination board vie e-mail. Digitally submitted applications must be signed or digitally signed.

    All results regarding the applications will be communicated to the applicants after the decision of the respective examination board. For this purpose, a decision letter will be sent via e-mail.
  3. After receipt of you application form and all necessary documents, the responsible assistant of the Examination Board of your respective program will examine the formal equality of the subjects to be accredited.
  4. If the formal equality is granted, finally the content-related equality must be examined by the respective lecturer of a subject. The assistant of the Examination Board therefore sends you your application form with the process slip which you filled out yourself. With this process slip you have to see all lecturers one after the other. Please contact the respective secretariats first. Lecturers will then affirm the equality or negate it and will note this on your process slip. Here you should have documents of your hitherto course of studies at hand (notes, scripts etc.) to facilitate the examination of equality.
  5. Once you have collected all signatures, you return the process slip to the Study Counsel of the Faculty. The assistant of the Examination Board then draws up a final document with all accredited exams and performance records and all counted unsuccessful attempts. The grades of your hitherto passed exams will be transferred if a conversion from one system to the next is possible. This document will be forwarded in copy to the Central Examination Office where all accredited subjects and all counted unsuccessful attempts will be entered into your records.

All documents which have to be added to the individual accreditation application have to be submitted in original or as a legally certified copy. Alternatively, submission of uncertified copies is sufficient if the original documents are shown simultaneously at the Study Counsel of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Recognition of study achievements may involve a placement in a higher semester, depending on the amount of accredited study components.

Which documents you have to add to your application is determined by your individual initial study situation: