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FAQs Mentoring

Mentoring – what is this about?

The mentors are contact persons for all your questions, suggestions and problems concerning your studies. Furthermore, we serve as guideposts to further help desks and offers inside and outside of RWTH Aachen University.

Who does the mentoring address?

Mentoring addresses ALL students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Every student of the Faculty – independent from academic performances or semester – can be counseled.

Mentoring is a possibility to talk to someone who is not part of one’s own personal surrounding and who can take a neutral perspective in a conversation.

Mentoring is a first point of contact every time you are unsure about which university institution could help you with your request. Mentoring will also support you in case you need someone help you planning your studies in a more structured way.

When may I use the mentoring?

Mentoring is study-accompanying. You can come to us any time. You make an appointment with your mentor especially suiting your needs, consecutive appointments are possible.

Use our appointment tool for this purpose.

With what kind of questions and requests can you come to the mentoring?

“My studies are not going well – what can I do?”

“Actually, my studies are not going bad … and it could be better…”

“I cannot study, I’m badly organized…”

“I imagined studying somewhat different…”

“I do manage a lot. But if I keep this up, my batteries will be empty pretty soon…”

“Other obligations constrain my studies.”

“My grades could be better.”

“Everything is getting too much.”

But also:

“I am interested in scholarships and possibilities of promotion.”

“I need help with an application.”

“I would like to get involved with something besides my studies. What can I do?”

How can mentoring support me?

There are more than 10,000 students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The Faculty is interested in getting to know the students, their wishes and needs better. Mentoring is a new complimentary information and counseling offer of the Faculty for you.

In individual one-on-one conversations you get the chance to define your wishes and needs, but to also find solutions for problems and challenges.

How do I know if a mentoring talk can help me?

Give it a try! If you decide in favor of a mentoring talk, you already took the first step: You decided to actively take your situation in your own hands. Thus, you are further than before. We would be happy to encourage you to further steps.

What is the procedure of such a conversation?

A conversation is always very individual – you are in the center point, your situation, your questions, your potentials and strengths and also the challenges in your studies. In a one-on-one conversation, we take the time to listen to you. Together we will reflect the situation, order our thoughts, think about potential solutions, develop possible solutions and solution strategies. We can also think about which supporting offers resp. means you could further make use of that enable you to develop and support your competence and potential as well as to plan your further course of studies successfully.

Mentoring is study-accompanying, that is to say consecutive appointments are possible.

What is mentoring at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering not?

  • It is no study counsel
  • It is no replacement for a psychotherapy
  • It is no coaching for certain subjects

What do I have to bring?

The completed reflection form which you are sent upon making an appointment.

In which location will the conversations take place?

A confidential, secure location is important to us. We have our own rooms with one talk at a time only.

Data protection and confidentiality

The content of a mentoring conversation remains with mentor and mentee. Your request and your data will naturally be treated highly confidential and they will not be accessible for third parties. You do not have to be concerned that your data or request reaches professors or fellow students.

Who are the mentors?

The mentoring team consists of five academic staff of the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with different professional backgrounds, who can give external perspectives on your course of studies.

We look forward to supporting you during your studies!


Either in general to 

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Maira Camacho van den Hurk, M. Sc.:
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