Study Counseling


The study counseling offers advice on topics regarding the academic studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. It represents the examination boards in selected matters and it is the point of contact for students in case of questions concerning the work of the examination boards.

During the consultation hours, you can discuss questions regarding the formalities of applications as well as questions related to the examination regulations and decisions of the examination boards.

When writing applications and objections, the students of the student council will offer you their support. The student council is the community of all students of a faculty and represents the interests of these through an elected council in the committees of RWTH Aachen University.

Study Counseling:

  • Approval of your external thesis on behalf of the examination board,
  • Issuing certificates of academic progress (contact:; processing time at least 1-2 working days).
  • Organization of information events,
  • Clarification of formalities in the filing of applications and objections

as well as

  • Questions to the examination board and regarding the examination regulations.

Student Council:

  • Non-binding information on studies (tips & tricks for studies and exams, experience with applications and objections),
  • Assistance with official processes (applications, appeals),
  • Advice on personal study management and options in problem cases

as well as

  • Tips concerning studying in Aachen.
  • Websites of the student council